Monday, 13 February 2012

How to Access Hidden Themes in Windows 7

                         Windows 7 offers a good assortment of themes to customize the feel as well as the look of your computer. Windows 7 features particular themes which are based on the location and the language you select while you install the Windows 7. You can look for the location-specific theme in the Personalize menu. You just have to right-click at any place upon your computer desktop. You will be able to get the couple of themes according to your location.

Other than the location specific themes which you get by default, you can access hidden themes in Windows 7 which are offered to other regions. So the default themes which you get according to your region are not the only themes you can use. It is possible to access hidden themes in Windows 7 very easily in your system. This is what you have to do:
 Click Start.

How to use Bluetooth technology to connect laptop and cell phone

We can use Bluetooth technology to connect laptop and cell phone. We can move videos, images, photos etc from  desktop computer or a laptop to our cell phones. In order to use Bluetooth technology to connect laptop and cell phone we need a laptop and a cell phone which support this technology. Try webhosting

If the laptop doesn't support it, we can use a USB Bluetooth dongle.  Just plug it into the USB port of the desktop computer or laptop. Leave the rest to Microsoft Windows. It will find the driver and install it itself.  If it is not supported, we can manually install it via the manufacturer's compact disk. Follow these simple steps in order to use Bluetooth technology to connect laptop and cell phone: (In this example, we are using Windows Vista.)
 Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone.
 Make this setting:  my Phone's visibility -> Shown to all on the cell phone.
Open Bluetooth Devices by clicking on its icon in the Control Panel.

How do you block websites in Windows for a specific time period using Focal Filter?

There are a lot of programs out there that can block access to Web sites. The problem with them is that you have to manually disable the block. However, with Focal Filter it can be done automatically. You just have to set the time span for which you want the block to exist. Focal Filter is a program for Windows operating systems that can block a user-generated list of Web sites for a specified period of time. The lock on these sites will persist until the time has elapsed, at which point you can extend the lock or unblock them. 
Follow these 5 easy steps:
1)     Download and install Focal Filter.
Focal Filter 
2)     Open the Windows start menu and type Focal Filter into the search box.

       Now run the Focal Filter program that appears in the list.sp;
              Focal Filter program

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Simplest Way To Download Youtube Video As MP3 (or Any Video Formats)

youtube to mp3
Often we come across some youtube songs, accompany by MV or just the album cover, that we wish to download as MP3.
Yes that are many tools that can be utilized to perform this task. For example one can download the youtube video and then extract the audio out using some tool, but why the hassle?
This website does all the work for you and lets you download the MP3 straight. Conversion to other video formats is also supported.

1) At the website, paste your youtube link and click 'Download Now'
     xenra 1
2) In the next screen select your desired output video format to convert to (default selected as MP3) and click 'Start Conversion'.
3)  Click the  download button when it's ready.
     xenra 3

Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to Easily Search Videos on YouTube

How to Easily Search Videos on YouTubeAs per the latest statistics of youtube 48 hours of videos are uploaded each minute.Now,you can imagine the number of videos that are available on youtube.It is the third most visited website on internet according to alexa ranking.Youtube has its search algorthim that gives relevant results most of the time.But like Gmail and Google it has also its own search operators that increases your search relevancy to much higher levels than a normal search. Also Read: How to Easy Search in Gmail

How to Search Videos on You Tube Easily:

  • Search You Tube channel:

If you want to search a video on a particular channel of a YouTube then add a word channel with your query separated by comma. See this example:
Royal wedding, channel

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome

Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome Google News collects news from different sources, so you get the best of all at one place. You can update yourself  with latest happenings of the world without switching to a new tab by using GNews extension  in chrome browser.GNews is an official extension for Google News.
After installing GNews extension in your browser it will appear as a newspaper icon just after the address bar. GNews extension gives the title and excerpt of the news. If you want to read the complete news article then click on the title and it will open in new tab. This extension is categorized in three sections. First section (News), this will show the latest news on the screen. Second section (Bookmark), you can also bookmark a news which you like by clicking on the star button. Third section (Settings), in this section you can select themes of your choice on which you want to receive news.
1 Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome
Click on newspaper like icon and it will avail you with the latest news according to the themes you have selected earlier.  It will show the latest news about your current location, country, business, technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and many more. But if you want to check the news on some specific theme you can do this by changing the settings button.

Dish TV now offers Dish truHD+ with unlimited recording capacity

image description 
  • Dish TV now offers Dish truHD+ with an unlimited recording capacity, priced at Rs. 2,690. This gives Dish truHD+ customers the ability to record data on the USB storage device, and build a library. Customers will get the “dual advantage” of HD and DVR features, at the existing HD box price.
The promotional Rs. 2690 pack includes the new Dish truHD+ box, one month Dish truHD Royale Pack, and a 4GB USB drive, which is too small to actually fit anything, but will apparently get the “user accustomed to the concept of plugging an external device to use the recording features.”
Standard DVR will be available, allowing users to record, rewind, forward, and pause live TV etc. Time based and event based recording can also be scheduled.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. R.C Venkateish, Chief Executive Officer, Dish TV India said:
“Carrying forward the spirit of innovation that is integral to the Dish TV DNA, DishtruHD+ is the answer to the consumer need for enjoying recording functionality at an affordable price. Whilst most DVR's charge a premium, our idea is to expand the DVR market by making it accessible at the price of a normal HD box. Furthermore, this box lends a huge advantage over other DVR's in the market by offering "unlimited recording capacity". This is possible due to a breakthrough technology that enables any external storage device to be plugged into the USB port of the Dish truHD+ box.”

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Milagrow launches home cleaning robots in India, starting Rs. 9,990

image description 
Milagrow HumanTech, recently in the limelight for the launch of its TapTop PC Android tablet (including one for women), has launched India’s first home cleaning robots. The company says it aims to use “robotic technology to empower humans so that everyday chores become hassle-free and easy.”
Mr Rajeev Karwal, Founder and CEO, Milagrow, says: “The lifestyle of urban India today is no different from that of the developed world and hence it is also reflected in the products and services used. People have lesser time on their hands, more women are joining the workforce, domestic help is becoming expensive, the greying population is increasing and so is petty crime. Domestic Robots can easily meet the resultant needs of the consumer arising from the above. Milagrow HumanTech will usher in this revolution into the Indian consumer goods market. Today we are announcing our foray into Home Cleaning Robots and we will follow through with more launches at regular intervals.”
Milagorw has launched three home cleaning robots, called RedHawk, BlackCat and Robocop. They can apparently clean all types of surfaces from marble to carpet to wood, and even recharge themselves in between cleaning cycles. They also feature obstacle and stair detection intelligence, using infrared. According to Milagrow, the cleaning robots are easy to use, and can also be auto-scheduled to clean particular time and date. Finally, apart from just floor sweeping, the cleaning robots come with an in-built UV ray lamp, which will help denature the DNA of virus and bacteria.
The cleaning robots feature as many as six cleaning modes such as spot, zigzag and wall-to-wall cleaning. An infrared virtual wall can also be set up to prevent the robot from venturing to places a user may not want it to – such as a small child’s play area. Another feature is the dirt detection capability, using which the robot can spend more time cleaning an excessively dirty area. Lastly, as for India-specific features, Milagrow says the robots have been specially customized with “higher suction power, all surface cleaning capability and larger dustbin trays.”
Mr. Karwal went on to add, “This initial range of domestic robots will steadily keep growing as the Indian market matures further. Newer and more specialized robots ranging from complicated swimming pool cleaners to massaging robots are already in the pipeline.”
Price and Availability
The three robots will be available at leading retailers and e-commerce websites in India, and are priced as follows: Robocop (Rs. 9,990), BlackCat (Rs. 15,990) and RedHawk (Rs. 16,990).

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