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7 Ways to Improve Your Blog Loading Speed

Loading time of your website or blog is one of the important factors influencing search engine optimization, which when is too slow could take the reader away from your website and move onto the next, thus indirectly affecting your page ranking as well. Some of the factors affecting the loading speed are the presence of Java Scripts and the lack of use of web-optimized images.
fast speed
Follow the tips and tricks discussed here for improving the loading time of your web or blog.
1. Cache your pages:
Caching is one of the simple things, which you can do in ease, despite sounding technical it is very essential and crucial in enhancing the user experience. WordPress have a number of caching Plugins, which includes WP Super Cache and W3 total cache. W3 total cache has been most highly recommended for those using content delivery network (CDN) and CDN has an in-built option to activate automatically.
2. Compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript:
This is one of the best ways to reduce your blog loading speed and these are the culprits that make your blog load slowly and test your patience. Compression of Java Script and CSS has proved to reduce the loading time of your blog or website, and the best way to do this, if you are using Word Press is to use WP Minify plug-in.
3. Host your blog on a good and reliable webhost:
If you are thinking that you are wasting money on a good web-hosting domain then you are wrong. The use of cheaper hosting domains can cause frequent failures, which might be discouraging and reduce the performance of your blog causing you to lose regular visitors. Therefore, this is advisable, especially for a new blogger or a webmaster to go for some of the popular web hosting domains like Hostgator, especially if you are using WordPress.

Enabling and Exploring god mode in windows 7

God Term is term that is defined by the Windows developers at the Microsoft which means to create that mode where all the settings can be accessed without any need to go through the browsing options through files and folders in the Control Panel. God Mode as the name suggest is not a part of any standard process of the operating system.
The God Mode hack of Windows 7 and Vista is a quick and easy way to make an interface that will show all the settings and values that are essential for the Windows.
To enable God Mode on Windows 7:
a. In any drive of your computer create a New Folder and rename it as GodMode.
b. Now append the string (without quotes) “.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” after the name of the folder so that the resultant string looks like “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”
god mode windows 7
c. Once you renamed the folder, the icon of the folder will change automatically and the name will be changed to GodMode.
god mode

7 ways to increase Torrent Speed

The use of Bit Torrent is an efficient way to transfer files of just about any size quickly and efficiently. How this works is by breaking the huge files into smaller pieces and is from one or many of the different sources. This is one of the best ways to transfer bulky files quickly even when you are using a low bandwidth connection. There are many more things that you can do with Bit Torrent, but here we are going to discuss how to make this work much faster.
increase torrent speed
Here are some essential tips for the same,
  1. Start with your ISP:
All ISP has a preset maximum upload and download speed, and you cannot make your torrent work beyond this speed. All you can do is to use the best use of this upload and download speed even when the signal is weak. You can check the maximum speed that you can achieve by conducting a broadband speed test and compare with the DSLReports that comes with your uTorrent.
  1. Opt-In for healthy seeds and peers:
A peer is any computer participating           in downloading and uploading of torrent files along with that of yours. A seeder is one who has a complete copy of the file that is being shared across a torrent network. A leecher is the person who has joined the network recently and do not have most of the file that you or the peer has. This leecher becomes the seeder when they download the entire file and is able to share it across the network.  For getting high torrent speed, you need to increase the number of seeders to increase the chance of healthier and reception of higher speeds.
  1. Get through the firewall:
Many times, you will find the administrator or the firewall in your web browser is set to block and receive torrent files. The first thing that you need to do is to get appropriate permissions for downloading torrent files, and add this to your firewall, which will enhance the speed at which you can download torrent files. If the internet is through a router, then you have to set the torrent file to cross the barrier of the security of the router also.

Make Folders with Invisible Names

You may have given or find varieties of folder name in your or in your friend’s computer. But have you ever tried to give your folder a blank name or in other words an invisible name? Computer by default do allow you to take space as your folder name. Here are the few steps which will help you to create your without name folder.
Step1: Click the right button of your mouse on the folder whose name you wish to keep invisible.
Step2: Now click on Rename.

How to "Delete administrator Password" without any software

Method 1

Boot up with DOS and delete the sam.exe and sam.log files from Windows\system32\config in your hard drive. Now when you boot up in NT the password on your built-in administrator account which will be blank (i.e No password). This solution works only if your hard drive is FAT kind.

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