Tuesday, 15 March 2011

General English Questions and Answers in LDC Exam

1. The word means the opposite to the term ‘benevolent’?
A: Malevolent
2. The word synonymous to the word ‘serious’?
A: Grave
3. Single term to mean “identification of disease by means of its symptom?
A: Diagnosis
4. Find out the meaning of the word ‘duel’?
A: Combat
5. Write the noun forms of the words ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Invest’?
A: Acceleration and Investment
6. Write the verbal forms of the words ‘ Choice’ and ‘Life’?
A: Choose and Live
7. Write the past tense forms of the verbs ‘ Abandon’ and ‘Go’?
A: Abandoned and went
8. Rewrite the sentence ‘ I like coffee better than tea ‘ using ‘prefer’?
A: I prefer coffee to tea
9. Rewrite the sentence ’ They are building a bridge across the river ‘ using the passive form of the verb
A: A bridge is being built across the river by them


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