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Current Affairs Quiz Questions & Answers 2010-11

Current Affairs Quiz - General Awareness Questions

1) Jantar Mantar stone astronomical observatory was recently included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. Jantar Mantar is situated at?

A) Jaipur
B) Goa
C) Agra
D) New Delhi

2) Commonwealth Games 2014 will be held at

A) London
B)  Rio de Janerio
C) Melbourne
D) Glasgow

3) The Railway Budget 2010 – 2011 added a provision to run a train across the country to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. What is the name of the train?

A) Maitri Express
B) Bharath Tirth
C) Sanskriti Express
D) Janmabhoomi Express

4) Nobel Prize 2010 in Literature was awarded to whom?

A) Liu Xiaobo
B) Mario Vargas Liosa
C) Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov
D) Akira Suzuki

5) Ezhuthachan Award 2010 (Ezhuthachan Puraskaram) was awarded to

A) Sugathakumari
B) M. Leelavathi
C) O. N. V. Kurup
D Sukumar Azhikode

6) Recently G-20 Summit was held in……..

A) Vienna
B) London
C) Pittsburgh
D) Torrento

7) Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India? (Question from latest PSC Store Issuer Grade II Exam in KSRTC held on 08th January 2011)

A) Navin Chawla
B) S. Y. Quraishi
C) N. Gopalaswami
D) B.B Tandon

8) David Warren who passed away recently was related with

A) Commonwealth Games
B) Holly wood
C) Black Box in Aeroplanes
D) Bhopal Disaster

9) Orange Prize 2010 was won by whom?

A) Arundhati Roy
B) Hillari Mantel
C) Barbara Kingsolver
D) Ashwin Sanghi

10) Who is the founder of ‘Face Book’ which is currently the No.1 social networking website in India?

A) Bill Gates
B)  Martin Cooper
C) Orkut Buyukkokten
D) Mark Zuckerberg

Answers to Current Affairs Quiz Answers - General Awareness Answers

1) A) Jaipur
2) D) Glasgow
3) C) Sanskriti Express
4) B) Mario Vargas Liosa
5) B) M. Leelavathi
6) D) Torrento
7) B) S. Y. Quraishi
8) C) Black Box in Aeroplanes
9) C) Barbara Kingsolver
10) D) Mark Zuckerberg

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  1. Great work. I am highly obliged that you are sharing current affairs of 2012 of india with us. I really like that you are posting on daily basis and that too with good typical news which i didn't get from anywhere. Being IAS aspirant at, i really appreciate your work


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