Friday, 29 April 2011


First In Kerala
first governer                         -  b.Ramakrishna Rao
first king of travancore               -  marthanda varma
first english school                   -  mattencherry
first collage                          -  c.m.s. college kottayam(1816)
first printing press                   - kottayam
first bank                             -  nedungadi bank
first malayalam movie                  -  vigathakumaran
first sound movie                      -  balan
first news paper                       -  rajya samacharam
first church of jews                   -  mattancherry
first printed malayalam book           -  samkhepa vedartham
first novel in malayalam               -  kundalatha
first chief minister                   -  E.M.S.nampoothiripadu
first women minister                   -  K.R.gauriyamma
first medical college                  -  thiruvanathapuram
first post office                      -  alappuzha
first bird sanctuary                   -  thattekkad
first olypian                          -  suresh babu
first bookerwinner fromkerala          -  arundhathi roy
first jnapith winner from kerala       -  G.sankarakurup
first wild life sactuary               -  periyar
first malayalee who got bharat award   -  P.J.antony
first radio station                    -  thiruvanathapuram
first library                          -  thiruvanathapuram
first malayalee indian president       -  K.R.narayanan
first national park                    -  eravikulam
first women IPS officer                -  sreelekha
first hydroelectric project            -  pallivasal
first speaker                          -  R.sankara narayanan thampi
first kerala chief justice             -  K.T.koshi
first malayalee women who got          -  K.C.elamma
arjuna award                           -
first malayalee governor               -  V.P.menon
first malayalee member of UPSC         -  Dr.K.G.adiyodi
first malayalee who got                -  O.M.nambiar
dhronacharya award                     -
first women vice chancellor            -  jancy james
first president of indian national     -  C.sankaran Nair
congress                               -
first president of kerala sahitya      -  sardar K.M.panicker
academy                                -
first women IAS officer                -  anna malhotra
first women MP                         -  annie mascrine
first women magistrate                 -  omanakkunjamma
first air survice                      -  thiruvanathapuram-mumbai
first electrified town                 -  thiruvananthapuram
the first women who got national       -  saradha
award for best actress
the first person who got vayalar       -  lalithambika antharjanam
the first european navigator who       -vasco-da-gama
reached in kerala
the first kerala cricket player who    -tinu yohannan
played in indian cricket team
the first private T.V  channel         -asianet
first cinema studio                    -udhaya studio(allapuzha)
first teak plantation                  -nilambur
first Ltd company                      -punalur paper mill
first actor in a leading role          -K.K.aroor(cinima-balan)
first women governor                   -jyothivenkitachellam
first women high court judje           -jestice anna chandy
first mosque                           -cheraman juma masjid,kodugalloor
first electronic park                  -technopark (thiruvananthapuram)
first jail                             -kozikode(1837)
first malayalam filim got presidents   -chemmeen
first person who got saraswathy        -balamaniyamma
first political drama                  -pattabhakki
first malayalee chief justice of
supreame court                         -justice K.G.balakrishnan


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