Thursday, 19 January 2012

Samsung aims at smartphones with prolonged battery life

Running out of battery just when you need to make that urgent call or send an e-mail could get annoying. With prolonged battery life featuring on the wish lists of many tech enthusiasts, Samsung's next move will surely have many takers. The South Korean mobile giant plans to negate the charging woes with smartphones with enhanced battery life. The company plans to offer smartphones with battery life that lasts all through the day with moderate to heavy usage, reports CNET.

Battery life is an essential feature. Kevin Packingham, Vice President of product innovation at Samsung says that while smartphones are getting feature packed, what’s being ignored is the battery life. Bigger screens and faster processors drain the battery and, so reportedly Samsung will be moving to bigger batteries. 

The company is working at optimizing different aspects of the phone, such as searches for Wi-Fi or powering up the 4G LTE radio. The Charge, Samsung's first LTE phone for Verizon Wireless, was a good test bed for the company, but the company can do better. Samsung wasn’t quite there yet in terms of power efficiency, said Packingham.  So, with this move, can we expect the Samsung Galaxy S III to come with an efficient battery life?


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