Saturday, 4 February 2012

Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome

Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome Google News collects news from different sources, so you get the best of all at one place. You can update yourself  with latest happenings of the world without switching to a new tab by using GNews extension  in chrome browser.GNews is an official extension for Google News.
After installing GNews extension in your browser it will appear as a newspaper icon just after the address bar. GNews extension gives the title and excerpt of the news. If you want to read the complete news article then click on the title and it will open in new tab. This extension is categorized in three sections. First section (News), this will show the latest news on the screen. Second section (Bookmark), you can also bookmark a news which you like by clicking on the star button. Third section (Settings), in this section you can select themes of your choice on which you want to receive news.
1 Download GNews: Google News Extension For Google Chrome
Click on newspaper like icon and it will avail you with the latest news according to the themes you have selected earlier.  It will show the latest news about your current location, country, business, technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and many more. But if you want to check the news on some specific theme you can do this by changing the settings button.

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  1. very helpful and really good extensions......I also found an another really good extension here-


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